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The most stunning views from above for any industry or occasion

Our services are tailored to your individual needs. We want to create the maximum impact possible, as we provide stunning aerial imagery for your home, sporting event, real estate or commercial endeavor.

We use the latest drones and technology to capture aerial photography & video. I enjoy having my clients participate in the project as well, and ultimately share the vision of each project between my team and yours.

All our pilots are Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) approved, trained and fully insured.

Aerial Filming & Photography

Capture your business from an aerial perspective. Achieving imagery that previously only expensive helicopters could achieve. Our qualified CAA approved, fully insured pilot can make the most of your surroundings bringing a new fresh look to your website, promotional material and social media sites.

Aerial Inspections

Need to inspect your building, structure or roof for a defect or a construction survey ? Don’t want to hire expensive and time consuming scaffolding ? Bring in our qualified CAA drone pilot to inspect your building, structure or roof saving you money. 

Event Photography

Running an event in Aberdeen or Aberdeenshire ? Why not hire us to take to the air to capture the scale and atmosphere of your local event. Our pilot operates within CAA regulations and has full permissions (PfCO) for commercial flight.

Some of our services:

❖ 4K videography
❖ High resolution (20MP) photography
❖ Night flight permission
❖ 360° panoramic photographs
❖ Photogrammetry
❖ Drone photography up to 400ft
❖ Live broadcasting



❖ Real Estate
❖ Golf courses
❖ Wedding & engagement photography
❖ Social media events
❖ Land surveying
❖ Social media events
❖ Indoor and outdoor flights




❖ Land surveying 
❖ 3D Mapping
❖ Wedding & engagement photography
❖ Social media events
❖ Marketing & business promotion
❖ Live downlink
❖ Corporate events


Aberdeen harbour, Scotland

Loch Muick, Aberdeenshire

Dunnottar Castle, Stonehaven

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