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Google Street View Tours

Specialising in high quality 360° panoramic photography in the Aberdeen area in the North East of Scotland. Google Street View tours and bespoke virtual tours of your business to show off your house, shop, restaurant, factory, showroom, land etc.

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Drone Aerial Photography & videography

Using the latest drone technology and software I can offer an alternative perspective of your business or event including 360° interactive photography and video. I operate in the Aberdeen area and North of Scotland.

Some of my clients

Some of my clients

Brewdog Bar, Ellon - Drone Fly Through

FPV Drone Videography

Whether it be a house, bar, showroom, factory etc. an FPV (First Person View) drone allows for a unique & close proximity flying and opens up a whole new range of shot types to show off your business or property.

Bespoke Tour

Bespoke Virtual Tours

Bespoke 360° Virtual Tours are a great way of bringing your online visitors into your business, keeping them engaged from the second they start viewing your tour. A bespoke 360° virtual tour can be used to promote any business, restaurant, shop, hotel, AirBNB, showroom, property etc. A virtual tour that is unique to your company.

Google Cardboard Compatible

All my Google Street View 360° tours and Bespoke 360° virtual tours are Google Cardboard VR compatible using the Google Street View app on both Android and iOS mobile devices.

Using a cheap cardboard headset in which you place your phone, your customers can easily view your business in VR (Virtual Reality) by simply turning their head around as if they were right there. A great way to showcase your business.

Designed to be compatible on all devices


Bringing you the highest quality Google 360° Virtual Tours and Drone Aerial Photography/Videography

My passion is photography and remote control aircraft, helicopters, airplanes, drones etc. I've been flying model aircraft and taking photographs since the 80's (yes I've been around). I use my wide experience with photography and drones to provide a professional service providing high quality Google Virtual Tours and Drone Aerial Photography and Videography. Please have a look round my site and see what I have to offer and feel free to drop me an email or call me if you have any questions.

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