First-Person View (FPV) - Indoor Drone Videography in Aberdeen


FPV (First-Person View) - Indoor drone videography is fast becoming the latest tool for video production. It allows for unique & close proximity flying and opens up a whole new range of shot types to show off your property, shop, showroom etc.. I'm excited to offer this new service to my clients in Aberdeen and the North of Scotland.

FPV - Indoor Drone Video - How it works

Professional CAA Approved FPV drone pilot, photographer and filmmaker. Working on indoor and outdoor commercial projects

Unlike traditional drone flying, where the pilot operates the drone from the ground LOS (line of sight). An FPV (first person view) pilot uses the live video feed from the drone’s camera. That video is transmitted from the drone to a compatible ground receiver and video goggles.

This gives the option of flying through the smallest of spaces and gives a unique and engaging point of view that couldn't be shown any other way. Check out a couple of the videos below to get an idea what can be done !

FPV Drone with Gopro
Brewdog Bar Ellon

Brewdog Bar, Ellon

A flight through this amazing looking bar in Ellon in the North East Scotland

Halliburton House, Aberdeen

Halliburton House, Aberdeen

A flight through a large office in Aberdeen, Scotland.

Den Finella Waterfall and the Hidden Chapel

Den Finella Waterfall and the Hidden Chapel

The amazing hidden Den Finella Waterfall near St Cyrus and the hidden chapel somewhere in North of Scotland ;-)

St Nicholas Kirk Flyaround

St Nicholas Kirk, Aberdeen

A short video I did for St Nicholas Kirk in Aberdeen using my small FPV (First Person View) drone to show the beautiful West Kirk. Sadly now closed.

FPV Drone Showcase 4K

FPV Drone Showcase 4K

A video showing some clips using my FPV drone to show the unique and interesting views that be used to showcase your showroom, shop, bar, factory etc. Best in 4K.

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